Snack Sluts is a funky comedic web series hosted by three young Asian women, each with their own unique habits and oddities. The show was formed from the collaboration of food-loving friends who wanted to share with others their quirky experiences. Follow the three hosts as they discuss, argue, play, and of course, EAT!

The Hosts of Snack Sluts


Emma Kim was born in South Korea and was raised by a single mom. She's been a snack slut before it was cool to be one - her cooking skills are mediocre at best so she's always munching on snacks. Having lived in various countries (Japan, New Zealand, and Canada), Emma is an outgoing lover of life, who also likes to get down with some serious soul food while playing video games, and thus, makes the perfect girlfriend :P


Leaminn is a self-proclaimed emotional eater, and has been snack-slutting for some time now. She's a fiend for sour keys, fried chicken, and anything instant. She's a quirky gal with many weird habits, some of which you'll discover as you watch the show. When she's not devouring a bucket of chicken she likes hanging out, drinking, and trying new things. Born and raised in Vancouver, she likes the multicultural vibe of the city and likes to blend in, though it's hard because of her quirky personality!


"I'm sad and sassy, and I like to write songs about it. My absentee dad calls me by my sister's name 100% of the time. #Freethenipples is my motto, and a lot of my friends' too actually. Being hangry is a real thing! I like eating a wide variety of foods from every culture. But seriously, what's Yorkshire pudding?"